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Snake Venom Body Lotion

Snake Venom Body Lotion

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Trolley Molly recommends this as a daily use product to benefit from hydrated and moisturised skin with improved overall appearance.. 

Years of intensive research have proved that snake venom reduces the ability of the facial muscles to contract, and this in turn prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst smoothing, moisturising and tightening the skin.

Along with all the other great benefits, snake venom works by stimulating the circulation of the skin and bringing blood flow to the surface making the skin feel and appear smoother, healthier and more radiant!

Synthetic snake venom has been developed to mimic the paralysing effects real snake venom has on the skin., so with regular use you could diminish wrinkles for good and keep that youthful glow.   
Volume - 100ML 
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