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Morocco Argan Oil - Conditioner

Morocco Argan Oil - Conditioner

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Morocco Argan Oil ™ are hair products consisting of the world's most exclusive oil: Argan oil from Morocco!

This oil improves hair's overall health and shine and preserves its colour like no other hair products you've ever tried before.

Morocco Argan Oil ™ series is made for daily use and works equally well for all hair types, dry, normal as coloured hair. The argan oil products are enriched with Vitamin E, essential fettsyroro, Omega-6 and Omega-9.

We recommend using Morocco Argan Oil ™ - Conditioner with Morocco Argan Oil ™ - Shampoo and Morocco Argan Oil ™ - Serum for the best results. We promise, you will notice the difference right away when you switch from your old product!

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