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Who is Trolley Molly?

Hi there!

I'd like to properly introduce you to Trolley Molly and let you know why I chose her to represent my brand.

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Trolley Molly is vivacious, fun and full of good humour. She likes to look good, feel good, and live a happy, prosperous, healthy lifestyle. She represents the keen, but mindful, shopper in all of us. Often she will spoil herself with a treat, but she is just as delighted to spoil her friends and family with a gift or two!

Gift box

She is a glamorous lady who always likes to dress well and takes great pride in her appearance. Coco Chanel is her idol, of course! She likes quality products, naturally sourced materials, quirky ideas, and oftentimes, pure luxury. She is not one for 'cheap', although the products she chooses for her store are always of great value.

The Collections in Trolley Molly's store cater for the essentials, the practicals, and the pure indulgencies. From Health & Beauty and Sports (we love Yoga!), to Home Decor and Wall Art, to Fashion and Jewellery, and of course, a selection of Gifts for Him (we can't forget him!); we are spoilt with her choice of great quality products.

Gifts for Him at Trolley Molly

But it is more than just the products; great customer service is at the heart of my brand. I like to fill Trolley Molly's newsletters with a variety of topics of interest which relate to the products in her Collections. Something for everyone, I hope. And a good read when you get 5 📰 There's also a FREE 12 month series related to your star sign, the psychology of colour, and how to use colours from your wardrobe to change your mood!


I believe that there is a bit of an agony aunt in Trolley Molly's character as she likes to come up with solutions to your problems. I am in the process of inviting experts on a number of subjects to add their input into our Facebook Community Group dedicated especially to Trolley Molly's customers and fans. You will be able to ask product related questions and bring up subjects for discussion that interest you and others in the group. It's a space for us to express ourselves, and be ourselves! I will introduce the experts as they get onboard :)

I'd like to think that Trolley Molly's character represents those good qualities that we all have inside of us. I wanted a character that we could all relate to and become familiar with, and most importantly, trust her products and enjoy the whole shopping experience.

If you're already in Trolley Molly's Facebook Group then fab-u-lush! Thank you kindly for being here with me (please share the group with your girlfriends). And if not, why not? 💃 😜 Join us girls here ⏩ this link

To sum up...Who is Trolley Molly?

Trolley Molly is all about feeling good, looking good, and being happy! That is how I live my matter what is happening around me. I invite good vibes, I celebrate good vibes, I expect more good vibes, and I want to share those good vibes with you. I want to create a space where we can all do this.

So, I invite you to participate and enjoy. If you relate to Trolley Molly's character then you will undoughtebly enjoy buying her products.

Much love,

Marianne @ Trolley Molly 💃❤️

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