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Traditional v Modern

Hi there!

When furnishing your home you can say one of two things...

My tables and chairs and cupboards are there for convenience and nothing more. They need to be practical, solid, comfortable and serve the purpose for which they were made.

Or, you could recognise that the way you fill your home and your choice of furniture and decor will play a great part of your future life. It will contribute to the enjoyment of your daily life and peace of mind.

Trolley Molly prefers the second option!

Blanket bench

But what are your preferences? Traditional or Modern?

Over the centuries, prevalent style concepts have influenced the way we live. Furniture was made to suit the surroundings; from the elegant traditional country mansion to the functional modern living apartment.

Country living


Concepts varied from the idealistic notions of the Arts & Crafts Movement of the late 19th C where local craft and local materials were the order of the day, to the post WW2 austerity which produced the Utility Furniture style.

Arts & Crafts

utility post WW2 

Today we have a whole choice laid out before us. We can go for the valuable antique, the cheap and cheerful, the weird and whacky, the simple and chic, or the hand crafted quality furniture produced with quality materials and the maker's eye for the art in a piece of furniture.

Trolley Molly has chosen a collection of furniture which gives you a mix of the traditional and the modern. She looks for quality in materials, usually locally sourced by the artist/craftsperson, which is a traditional trait. At the same time she looks for a sense of modernity in design. Smooth lines, simplicity in style, artistic and pleasing to the eye.


Traditional motifs, such as Japanese art, to the modernity of the Scandinavian focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. She also likes something that can be quirky in nature, such as a hardwood table with copper piping legs, or a piece of wall art which might also have a functional purpose, like hanging your bike!

 bike stand

So what's your style?

In future newsletters, Trolley Molly will be exploring different styles throughout the ages and giving you a little bit of gossip on their origins and how today's styles come under their influence.

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Love from Marianne at Trolley Molly x

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